6 Colour Trombette 500g

Marco Zanier Sapori Antichi


Delicate lily shaped pasta in beautiful natural colours.  Serve as a pasta salad, toss with extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and grated pecorino, with pesto, in soups or any number of sauces.  The original squid ink colouring has been replaced by Black Carrot, so our pasta is now perfect for all vegetarians!

This artisan pasta, Marco Zanier, is produced in Italy according to traditional methods using the best quality durum wheat coarse grain semolina and a traditional bronze press, that gives the pasta a rough texture to allow better absorption of sauces.  The drying process is at very low temperatures over an extended period to preserve the pasta's quality and flavour.  Utilising the goodness of natural ingredients to make dyes that create pasta as beautiful to look at as it is good to eat, dyes are derived from spinach, beetroot, turmeric, black carrot, squid ink, chilli and paprika.  All natural flavours are from spinach, lemon, porcini mushrooms, saffron and squid ink.


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