Bengal Chai Tea 100g Bag

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Hold on to your taste buds this one really packs a punch. Many tea's sold in NZ as 'chai latte' are mild, milky, sweet with predominance of cinnamon. Bengal Chai couldn't be more different. The Tea Lady discovered this recipe on the streets of Bengal and perfected the recipe in her own kitchen. Made to be brewed as a proper chai, that is boiled with milk and water, it's all about the thermogenic (heating) spices of ginger, cardamom and black pepper. Not only will you be warmed from the inside, this tea is particularly good as a digestive aid. Note there are no flavourings used in this tea, just tea and the best quality spices.

SKU: 9421013050270 TAGS: New Zealand, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Yeast Free, Vegan

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