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'Little Bird', based in Auckland makes an amazing range of Macaroons in five tantalising flavours including a rich 'Cacao & Raspberry' and 'Passionfruit & Macadamia. These little treats are pure raw and organic goodness. They also make two delicious types of crackers a nice and spicy 'Mexican Sundried Tomato' and a slightly milder but very flavoursome 'Flax & Almond', great with cheese and yummy just on it's own.
'Pure Delish', is another company based in Auckland producing scrumptious foods. Their biscuit range includes 'Primal Biscuits', 'Kaffir Lime & Pistachio Bites', 'Haffagani Bites' - very chocolaty with a nice bite. Their 'Primal Slab' is one giant delicious nuts, seeds and fruit bar. All these delights are paleo friendly.
'Frooze Balls' are all natural fruit & nuts lovingly squeezed into yummy raw balls! A must to try!


Pure Delish makes an AMAZING 'Chocolate Nut Nograin-ola' this is a rich grain free blend of 72% nuts and seeds, 70% dark real chocolate, pure maple and organic coconut.. quite simply a heavenly blend. They also make a 'Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola', both of which are divine served with our 'Raglan Coconut Yoghurt' or our 'Little Island Original Coconut Drinking Milk'. The Primal Breakfast Mix by Pure Delish is very healthy and delicious as a snack or tossed through salad as well as with yoghurt and fruit.
CeresOrganics makes an 'organic breakfast paleo mix' which is a blend of seeds, nuts and dried fruit. Bursting with organic deliciousness, whilst providing a healthy dose of nutrients including protein and dietary fibre! Great with fresh fruit or devour straight from the pack. Also delicious added to porridge for added texture and flavour.


Wilder + Hunt, curators of real food, have created a range of healthy frozen meals. All meals are nutrient dense; no grain, no sugar, no artificial anything. Flavours include Lamb Shoulder, Chicken Tikka, Smoked Salmon, Pork Bellly and Vegan Canneloni, simply heat and eat!
Venerdi has created the BEST loaves of bread ever! In their range are two flavours of Paleo breads 'Super Seeded' and 'Almond & Linseed', I just keep mine in the freezer and toast a slice at a time with our delicious cheese, or one of our nut butters.