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Here at Dante's Fine Foods we stock an amazing range of cheeses imported from the Netherlands. Our range includes delicious creamy Gouda Cheeses as well as the more aged Gouda style cheeses including Old Amsterdam and Old Rotterdam. We also stock the Traditional Cumin Gouda Cheeses again creamy or more aged. The range of Imported Dutch Cheeses also includes creamy young cheeses with the addition of exciting flavours including, smoked bacon pieces, mook smoked cheese, herb cheese (this contains garlic, chives and paprika), nettle cheese, walnut cheese, chilli cheese and the most stunning looking 'pesto cheese', this is bright green and contains basil and garlic yummy..
We also stock Maasdam and Leerdammer, both of these are sweet and nutty cheeses with huge holes in them.


We sell the 'King of cheeses', 'Parmigiano Reggiano' imported from Italy. Did you know that this cheese can only be made from milk from cows that have been grass or hay fed in the Parma Region in Italy? This ensures that there is no contamination in the milk and therefore the cheese can be made simply from the pure unpasteurized milk, rennet and salt. As opposed to Grana Padano which is made from milk from cows that have been fed silage, which could cause contamination and therefore there is a need to add preservatives.
This Italian cheese is very versatile in it's use, delicious grated over pasta, risotto's, soups or eaten on its own. Also delicious shaved into salads. The hardest parts of the crust (with all the flavour) is great simmered in soups or roasted and eaten as a snack.


We stock a deliciously creamy brie imported from France, it's called Brie Mon Sire sure to satisfy any cheese lover's palette.
Then there is the popular "Dana Blue", imported from Denmark this is the Danish imitation of the French Roquefort. Dana Blue is made from cow's milk and has a creamy and crumbly texture with a sharp blue vein taste to it.


Part of the range at Dante's Fine Foods are two different types of delicious Goat's Milk Cheeses, imported from The Netherlands. The Mild Goat Cheese is a young and creamy Gouda style cheese, perfect for sandwiches or melted onto pizza and pasta. The Matured Goat Cheese is an aged Gouda style cheese and has a crumbly texture and a strong flavour, delicious shaved into salads or grated onto pasta/risotto's.
We stock delicious sheep milk cheeses made in New Zealand by Blue River. Blue River's range includes a Tussock Creek Feta - a creamy and crumbly feta style cheese, 'Vintage Feta' - the same feta but left to mature creating a stronger flavour, Blackmount Cheddar - a traditional cheddar style cheese but made using sheep milk, great as an everyday cheese. Curio Bay Pecorina - NZ's take on the traditional Italian cheese, great in salads and risotto's.

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