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Devonport Chocolates is created in Devonport, Auckland. This family run business takes pride in making the most delectable and delicious chocolates and truffles you could imagine. Using only the finest ingredients this international team of chocolatiers mix, concoct and labour over every single chocolate and truffle. In combination with the use of top quality ingredients they use traditional techniques - every single truffle is hand dipped in chocolate! Try their delicious TRUFFLE LOGS, they come in amazing flavours, from PORT & PRUNE to BRANDY GINGER, COINTREAU & ORANGE and CHILLI LIME, just to mention a few.


Schoc Chocolates made in Greytown, NZ offers a unique blend of gourmet chocolate and self-exploration. The passionate small team combines the joy and health benefits of consuming quality chocolate with a deeper understanding of one's inner self. We stock an extensive range of their chocolate tablets, over 15 different flavours, there is a chocolate that is perfect for you! Included in their range of tablets there is a 100% CACAO CHOCOLATE - for the real chocolate lover, a ROSE DARK CHOCOLATE - a deliciously fragrant chocolate, SEA SALT CHOCOLATE - enhances the chocolate perfectly and their hugely popular SUGAR FREE chocolate, as a diabetic you can still indulge in the pleasure of eating CHOCOLATE. We also have in stock the delicatable Schoc loose chocolates with flavours like Lemon, Lime & Bitters, Pomegranate Truffles, Chilli & tequila Lilme & Salt chocolate to name a few its hard to know which flavours to choose!.


Loving Earth produces delicious organic and raw chocolate tablets that are Vegan, Cane Sugar Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free. Finally a chocolate that everyone can enjoy! The tablets come in a few exciting flavours including caramel, mint and hazelnut, all chocolates are sweetened with evaporated coconut nectar.

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