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Easter isn't Easter without GOOD chocolate!

I really do love my job! Valentine's Day has only just been and I have the pure delight of opening up even more CHOCOLATE, for Easter this time. Not only have we received the oh so delicious handmade Devonport Chocolates and the simply divine Schoc Chocolates, but a completely new range to Dante's Fine Foods. 'She Universe' chocolate, these eggs are amazingly stunning, photo's do not do them any justice at all! And even better some of their chocolate is dairy free and sugar free, so now there truly is something for everyone! Funky 'fried eggs' made by Schoc, these are made from scrumptious white chocolate with a decadent caramel yolk, yummy! Delicious gingerbread bunnies made by Molly Woppy, for those not so keen on chocolate, and soon we will start receiving Pandoro's fresh hot cross buns, I simply can't wait for these to come out! Easter really is a good time of the year.


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