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Did someone say Cranberry?..

Cranberries Westland is a small cranberry farm on the Old Christchurch Road near Hokitika. 

They have about 3 acres planted in cranberries. Cranberries take about 5 years to get from planting to full fruiting in the Hokitika climate so they’re continuing to prepare beds and plant cranberries annually.  Cranberries Westland supply fresh and processed cranberry products locally and nationally. They are the only commercial cranberry farmers in New Zealand.

We have 4 products in store now..

❤️ Cranberry Relish

❤️ Cranberry Compote

❤️ Traditional Cranberry Jelly

❤️ & Festive Sauce 😍

You will be OBSESSED with Cranberries Westland NZ!
No Gluten 🚫
No Artificial Sweeteners 🚫
No Added Colours 🚫
No Preservatives 🚫
Made by Hand in a Farm Kitchen in Hokitika.
Stock Your Shelves or Gift One For the Perfect Pressie! 🎁


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