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Are you battling against a cold?

I have just re-stocked my favourite hot winter drink. Bees Blessing makes a range of delicious cordials made with real ingredients and without any added sugar. Finally a cordial that doesn't list 'sugar' as their first and main ingredient! Instead Bees Blessing uses NZ honey, organically grown produce from New Zealand wherever possible and is brewed in small batches with NO additives, preservatives or 'fillers' (like water) - so each bottle contains deep, concentrated flavour that goes wayyy further. Their range includes many flavours the most popular ones being; "Knock Your Socks Off Crazy Strong Lemon, Honey and Ginger", "Lemon, Honey and Ginger", Mulled Lemon and Honey", "Elderflower". Simply add hot water to make a comforting hot toddy to keep your colds at bay. Bees Blessing cordial are also delicious poured over ice cream, cheesecake and pancakes.


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