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Cinnamon? Cassia?

Ceylon Cinnamon on the left and Indonesian cinnamon on the right, what a difference!! Then there is also'cassia' which is cinnamon grown in China! and then there is 'Saigon' cinnamonfrom Vietnam!!  Who knew that there wereso many different types of cinnamon? You actually want to make a point ofchecking you buy the 'true' Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka, this cinnamon ismuch more aromatic and subtle in flavour, finer, and more crumbly in texture,can easily be ground to a powder.  Allthe other ‘cinnamon’ have much stronger flavours and would damage a spice orcoffee grinder, because their barks are much harder and thicker.  The ‘true’ Ceylon cinnamon has many health benefitssuch as stabilising your blood sugar level, combating yeast infections and cancer,great for IBS, and curing colds/bugs, good for arthritis, depression, etc.Compared with ‘Cassia’ which contains a moderately toxic component called coumarin,not good to be consumed in large amounts!


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