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Change of Guard

Hi Dante's Fans... Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the very belated blog!.. 

If you haven't heard already, 1st June 2017 Dante's Fine Foods changed hands when Vicki decided to sell her business to myself Kelly Mita-Skeet. For some of you it would have come as a big surprise to see a new face behind the counter. But rest assured that Vicki is never too far away from Dante's and no doubt you may still be able to catch up with her in the shop, however she will be on the other side of the counter now!. 

So just a little bit about myself...

I’m originally from the East Coast & Hawkes Bay, however I have lived in Cambridge/Waikato for the past 20yrs so it’s fair to say I’m also a local within the Cambridge community. My career since 1997 was mainly based working for Fonterra Dairy Company. In 2015 I left Fonterra and had the pleasure of being a stay at home mum for a couple of years on our lifestyle block with my 3 young children now aged 4,6 & 8. 

Last year my best friend purchased Angels Boutique shop next door that was also previously owned by the Grootscholten family (Vickis family) so I decided to enter into retail to give her a hand. I had already been looking at different businesses but more so in the food sector as it has always been a passion of mine. When the opportunity to purchase Dante’s popped up, I jumped at the chance as I loved the shop and I can also see that there is so much more potential to expand on it in the near future.

The reason why I love the shop is that I truly do believe that food plays a massive role in most peoples lives. Whether we use it as a tool to celebrate occasions, a way of healing, showing love & comfort or most importantly from a health & nurturing our environment perspective. I have traveled the world and tasted many different flavours & cultures around the globe. And I’m so very proud to call myself a Kiwi..

Owning a shop like Dante’s is a chance for me to do something I’m passionate about. I get to meet people and learn more about what flavours are important to them and why.. I love the fact that hopefully I am helping someone to have a better day whether it be from finding a taste from their childhood memories from faraway lands or piecing together a customer and a supplier that aid in helping improve someone’s wellbeing.. I get to learn more about different cultures, traditions, and customs. And it’s a privilege to also learn some traditional methods of cooking by the older generation that have been lost over the years. And well basically hopefully I get to learn something new every day…

My future plans are for the first bit to enjoy the great shop Vicki has created, get to know my customers and their needs and also learn more about what else is out there from the over 100 suppliers we currently have.. I’m definitely not looking to take anything away from the shop.. If anything I will be doing the opposite and hopefully be bringing more flavours to the table and expanding on a shop that is a pleasurable tradition for all those that come to Cambridge in person or who shop with us online..  

I look forward to getting to know you all.. and I hope together we will carry on creating a great shop that both myself and the Cambridge community can be proud of..  


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