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We stock real Parmigiano Reggiano!

The huge wheel sits on our counter top as we custom cut chunks of thisamazing 40kg wheel of cheese.ParmigianoReggiano is known as the ‘King’ of parmesan cheese and is made with milk fromcows that have only been ‘grazed’ in the ‘Parma’ region (as opposed to GranoPadano which is made from milk from cows that have been fed silage). This meansthat a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese only contains milk, rennet and salt!! (asopposed to Grano Padano, which contains preservatives to prevent potential contaminationin the milk).   And....they used to take Parmigiano Reggiano wheels into the bank like you would gold,in exchange for money!! In other words even the bank valued this cheese as a‘safe’ and ‘sure’ investment.


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