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Are you looking for nutritious meat substitutes?

There is one question I seem to be asked over and over again - "Do you stock vegetarian sausages?" This is always a tricky question for me to answer, because I love meat and for me meat is part of a balanced and nutritious diet! I finally got sick of saying 'no' and thanks to my customers I found a brand called "Food Garden". Carol (the owner) makes amazingly delicious sausages, rissoles and mince meat, that are vegetarian and gluten free! I have even got a customer who is by no means a vegetarian but simply loves the flavour and taste of the "Food Garden" sausages and eats these by 'taste' choice! We have just received another batch in-store! And I can now proudly say, "oh yes! We do stock vegetarian sausages, rissoles and mince meat!"


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