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Chocolate for Father's Day?

A question I never know exactly how to answer, what does one buy as a gift for a man? Please remember the following ideas are coming from me as a woman! I think that men are starting to enjoy their cooking more and more and many of my customers interested in all the different sauces and condiments are the men folk. They also seem to love fancy sauces to go with meats, burgers, bbq's, on pizza bases or on burgers. This could be the perfect gift! We have Glasseye Creek - Wild Meat Sauce - great with just about everything, they have just added 3 more exciting sauces to their range. 362 Grillhouse make an amazing 'Bourbon & Bacon Jam', a 'Smokey Tomato Burger Sauce', a 'Sweet & Sour Spare Rib Sauce' and many other exotic and exciting sauces. Aromatics is another NZ company making delicious sauces for men 'Hot 'n Grunty' and 'Matariki' - a seven pepper sauce full of flavour are amongst their most popular sauces.
AND then there is CHOCOLATE! This is my favourite food and my favourite kind of present, so just maybe it is the same for your DAD!


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