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It's 2023!!!!!!!!!

Well, I obviously decided to completely forget about Blogging on our website during 2022!.. lol .. However, lets face it.. it was a year that most of us want to forget.. Anyways, here we are in 2023 already and its been a bit of a hectic start with crazy weather and alot of people struggling to make ends meet.

All I truly have to say is that in Cambridge, where I open my Store doors to face another day of life.. I only hope that all those that come into my store feel the positive energy I try to emit & that they leave with something yummy in their Puku (belly) or at least have had a giggle or a boogie as they browse our shelves and reminice on foods that may remind them of their childhood or they may never have seen before. Please keep up to date with our Social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and most recently TIKTOK. We post almost everyday and have a link on our home page for you to follow if you chose. Or if you like.. just call into our store 61-63 DUKE ST CAMBRIDGE and feel free to say Hi to myself, Lou and the rest of the team. Wishing you all the Best for the Month of MARCH 2023.. and beyond... NGA mihi Kelly   


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